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iOS FAQ and Troubleshooting

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iOS FAQ and Troubleshooting

Q: How to set up/install the app on iOS?

Go to our website, login to the dashboard, scroll down to “Shadowsocks setup” and follow the instructions for iOS.

Q: I can’t find shadowrocket on my iOS App Store. What should I do?

That’s likely because you are on the Chinese App Store. Switch to the foreign version of iTunes, or contact support for an American App Store ID.

Q: Speed is slow. What can I do to speed up my internet connection?

Try another server. You can check the server speeds on our website under the “server looking glass” page, or you can do a ping test right within the iOS app. The lower the ping, the better.

If the speed is still slow, your ISP might be throttling traffic on the port you are using. Restart your router and modem to get a fresh IP address and then the throttling should stop.

Q: I can't access the internet.

Most common reasons:
1) Your subscription has expired. Purchase a new one. (See below)
2) You are using the old servers. Update the list to the latest servers (see below).

Make sure you have the latest servers as some will get blocked and will be replaced. To update to the latest list, right click on the paper airplane icon, go to Server Subscribe -> Update subscribe SSR node (bypass proxy). Of course, this will only work if you have added the subscribe link to your app.

- If it's the first time setting up the app on your iOS device, it's possible that the configuration itself has an error. Make sure you follow the installation instructions closely and use the subscribe link to add in the servers.

- If the VPN suddenly stopped working and it used to work before, then try changing to a different server. Also try updating your server list (see above).

- If none of the servers work, its possible it's an issue with your local internet. Try disconnecting from the VPN and go to a chinese site (like to see whether your internet connection works without VPN. If it still doesn't work, that means it's not the VPN itself that has the issue, but your local internet connection. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the WiFi. If that still doesn't work, restart your iOS device and your internet router. Also try updating your server list (see above).

- If after all of this the VPN still doesn't work, then it is highly likely that your subscription has ran out. Login to your website dashboard and check your subscription expiration date on the right of the page.

Q: How Can I remove a server?

To remove a server profile, press and hold your finger over the profile name and then swipe to the left.

Q: How can I update my server list from the subscribe link?

Press and hold your finger over the subscribe profile and swipe to the left. Don’t swipe it all the way otherwise you will delete the profile. Then, click on “update” to update.

Q: Netflix/Hulu doesn't work. What should I do?

First, make sure you are on the correct server. Only a few unblocks these streaming channels. For Netflix, use the Philippines servers (they do NOT unblock Hulu or Amazon prime). For Hulu/Amazon Prime/BBC iPlayer, use Philippines.

Make sure to reset the apps after you have switched to the correct server so the connection goes through them.

If it still doesn't work, go to the shadowrocket app and change the Global Routing to "Proxy".