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Useful Websites List

Hello everyone!

Once you’ve crossed the great firewall, what are some of the new exciting things you can do? Here is a list of websites you might find useful.

The biggest search engine on the web, accounting for two thirds of all North America searches.

The largest video hosting company that everyone knows.
Free streaming of thousands of movies in HD.
All the latest BBC shows for free. Use the streaming server to unblock.
Paid streaming to over 5,000 shows and movies. Use the Netflix server to unblock.

Social media:
Google mail. Fast, secure, reliable.
Private, encrypted email provider based in Switzerland.
Biggest social media platform.
Share your pictures.
Tweet short messages to all your followers.
Keep in touch with family back home.

Get the latest news on your favorite topics by searching for them in the search bar.
One of the most reputable news outlets.

Fast and reliable. You can get 15GBs of free storage with any gmail account.
Less reliable than Google Drive, but more integrations with different apps. 5GBs free storage.
Unlimited storage for your pictures and videos.

Vast resource of knowledge on almost everything.
Teaching videos on a wide variety of subjects, such as math, science, and history.
Website coding school, teaching HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including jQuery).
Open source coding website. Collaborate with other coders to create open-source technology.

Online word, table, and slideshow processor (similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
Most popular website content management system, with many plugins, including several visual website builders.


Do you have any other useful websites you have come across? Feel free to post them in the comments below!

Happy surfing!