Online Streaming Services Comparison and Recommendations

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Online Streaming Services Comparison and Recommendations

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Hello everyone!

Any plans for your vacation? Maybe just staying home and watching movies? Here are some ways to catch up with your favorite shows and new movies. My personal favorite is Rayflix.

Free options:

These websites tend to come and go, but you can usually find new ones with a simple google search. Simply type in “[Your movie name] online watch” into the google search bar and you should find several sites.


  • Free
  • Most movies and series are available


  • Often low quality videos
  • Slow streaming speeds
  • Lots of ads (I recommend installing an ad-blocker)
  • Takes some time to find a website that works
  • Websites regularly disappears (but new ones pop up all the time)

Ones that currently work:

Others can be found with a google search.

Paid options:

These can cost anywhere between $3-10 a month depending on the quality and library size. I recommend plex providers as they are reliable and most movies are in HD. Other options include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Plex Pay4Share services:

Plex is a media streaming platform where you can share your movies collection with your friends. Some made it into a business and provide a huge movie collection for a low price each month. It’s basically a cheaper Netflix.

What makes it better than Netflix is that most provide an automatic movie request platform where you can request movies that you want to watch but are not on the list yet. Often, they are downloaded and added automatically within the hour (with Netflix, you’re stuck with whatever they happen to have at that time).

One thing to know: if you want to use the official plex apps to stream or download your movies, it costs $5 for each OS ($5 for iOS, another $5 for the windows native app, etc…). It’s a one-time purchase. In-browser streaming is available for free though.


  • Huge collection of movies and tv shows (Most big providers have over 4,000 movies on the list)
  • Most movies are in HD
  • Fast streaming
  • Ability to request movies and shows that are not on the list (Unlike Netflix, Hulu & Co.)
  • No ads
  • Live chat support from tech and movie enthusiasts (Most are run as a hobby, so they are really passionate about it)


  • Need to purchase a subscription (Often around $5)
  • Need to purchase plex apps separately ($5 for each OS), although in-browser streaming is free

There are many providers, and you can find some on reddit. But the one I recommend is Rayflix. Rayflix has over 4,000 movies and 600 complete TV shows, most of them in HD (that’s about 80% of what Netflix has in their US library). They include lots of family movies too, and there’s no limit on simultaneous streams. Plus, you can download them to your devices for later viewing. The guy who runs the service is super friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable.

Access Rayflix's site here.

You'll also need a plex account, which you can register for free here.

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime:

You probably know about these services and you might even be using one of them. Basically, you pay for a monthly subscription to their library, often with some limits in place if you choose to go for the lower-tier subscriptions.

Their library often has a lot of the more popular movies and shows, although some of those you want to watch might be missing. Netflix US version has over 5,000 movies in their library, with new ones being added and old ones being removed all the time.

Hulu and Amazon prime works on the same principle, except that their libraries might contain different movies. Hulu, for example, has a bigger collection of anime that Netflix. They all cost at least $8 if you want to stream in HD (Netflix is the more expensive one, asking for $10 for their HD content).

Also, providers often restrict the number of devices you can use at one time, asking you to pay more for additional streams. If you have a family, this may be something to consider.


  • Huge movie and tv show collection
  • Exclusive access to tv shows they produced in-house
  • Fast streaming
  • No ads on some providers (Hulu has ads though…)


  • Expensive ($8 for only basic subscription).
  • Basic subscription does not allow HD streams and limits number of simultaneous streams (only 1 for Netflix), some even include ads in their basic subscription
  • Need to pay extra for access to HD content and multiple streams.
  • You are stuck with the library they have. If you want to watch something that’s not on it, you can’t do anything about it
  • Need to unblock their services with a VPN

Top Providers:

Amazon Prime

What should you choose?

If you don’t want to pay for what you watch and don’t mind a worse streaming quality and ads, then go for the free sites.

If you want a hassle-free service with HD content, fast speeds, no ads, and no limits, and don’t mind paying a little for all of that, then go with Rayflix.

If you want to go with an established company and don’t mind paying a little extra for a robust infrastructure, the best speeds, and exclusive content, go with one of the three subscription-based services above. Just be sure to compare them and read the fine print before choosing one.

With that, happy surfing!



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