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Internet Privacy Tools

Hello everyone!

With all the internet companies trying to gather data about us, I thought it might be good to talk about a few tools that we can use to stop all the tracking going on.


Ad-blockers stop ads from tracking you and sending your personal information to ad companies.

We recommend:

uBlock Origin

1Blocker (for safari on iOS)

Anti-tracking extensions

Many advertisers use cookies to follow you from site to site. These cookies can track your browsing habits, such as where you go and what you do online. These anti-tracking extensions stop these third party tracking cookies dead in their tracks.

We recommend:

Privacy badger (by the electronic frontier foundation)

1Blocker (for safari on iOS)

Site-securing extensions

Secure websites use the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol instead of the HTTP protocol. Web sites secured by HTTPS encrypt your personal information like your credit card details, personal information, and other sensitive data. ISPs can see that you accessed the site, but cannot see which page you were on or what the page contains.

A site-securing extension forces sites to use HTTPS if it is available for that site.

We recommend:

HTTPS everywhere


Hopefully these extensions can help secure your internet connections a bit more.

If you have any other good Privacy software that you use, feel free to pop them in the comments!

Happy surfing!